Our main focus areas are the manufacturing of high quality XPS cornices, supplying various types of ceilings and providing Thermguard insulation to clients in the Western Cape area. Our shop in Brackenfell stocks a range of wooden skirtings and mouldings; as well as glue and other products to assist with cornice installations. We also recycle polystyrene waste in bulk.



We offer various types of ceilings including polystyrene thermal insulation boards and PVC ceilings.



A wide range of high quality XPS extruded polystyrene cornices, but also do custom designs if required. 



A highly efficient, loose-fill insulation (cellulose fibre) for excellent thermal regulation.

We can arrange installation of our various products through our network. Contact us for advice about cornices, ceilings and insulation options. We are always happy to help or refer you to someone in your vicinity, if your location falls outside our service area.