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High Quality XPS Cornices

Ceilings are not just a practical element of a building, but are increasingly used to enhance the aesthetics of an interior space and make an eye-catching design statement. Our high quality cornices offer a professional and visually appealing finish to complete the look. We offer decorative and custom-made cornices and offer a great variety of options to transform the appearance of any room.

Before the availability of polystyrene cornices, the market only offered timber or gypsum cornices which are difficult to install and require a certain level of expertise. We manufacture customised high quality XPS extruded polystyrene cornices, which have many benefits:

  • extremely durable
  • humidity- and water-resistant
  • cost effective
  • easy to install
  • versatile
  • lightweight



We offer a wide range of cornices, but also do custom made designs. Our products are made using a CNC hot wire cutting process. Using our own customised CNC cutters allows us to offer different designs and produce large amounts of products daily. Our strength lies in our precision and the ability to produce custom-made, once-off, short runs as effectively as repeated identical production.

We also offer all the material you may need to implement your cornice, such as tools, glues, paint.
We are a one-stop-shop for all your cornice needs.


Polystyrene ceilings: high density, extruded polystyrene, rigid insulation board, with a 100% closed cell structure, available in various thicknesses and lengths to meet most requirements.  Manufactured in South Africa, using a fully automated extrusion process, in accordance with international specifications and standards.

PVC ceilings: Ceiling systems made of interlocking PVC panels. Quick and easy to install. Light-weight, maintenance-free and durable.

Thermguard Insulation

A highly efficient, loose-fill insulation (cellulose fibre) blown onto your ceiling which creates a totally seamless blanket of thermal protection. Thermguard keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer. An eco-friendly product made of recycled newspaper, it is sound-proof, fire-retardant, insect - and rodent repellent, cost-effective and non-allergenic.

Glue Devil PPE

We stock and distribute Glue Devil liquid hand sanitizer and Glue Devil disposable 3 ply face masks. Glue Devil hand sanitizer is a 70% alcohol based disinfectant and requires no water. Both product lines meet all WHO standards.

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